Antique Mirror

Antique mirrors, belonging to the 18th and 19th century, are considered particularly valuable and hence sometimes referred to as vintage mirrors. They have been valued for their history, uniqueness, and collectability, as well as for their inherent attractiveness. Design-N-Glass Inc. offers beautifully handcrafted antique-look mirrors that add a touch of class to houses, offices and buildings. They have beautifully ornate frames in different materials, like glass, metal, wood, shells etc. that give a room or a wall the distinctive character and texture. GlaasikTM range of vintage mirrors not just simply enhance the interiors, but give a royal feel to the surroundings. There are various types of antique mirror, including wall mounted mirrors, freestanding mirrors, hand held mirrors, pocket mirrors, and vanity mirrors. Wall mounted mirrors are hung from walls and range in size from small designs to grand over mantel mirrors. Freestanding mirrors usually come with a frame and can be angled backwards and forwards for convenience. Vanity mirrors are designed to be placed upon dressers and used for applying make up and similar purposes.


  • Wall Mounted Antique Mirrors
  • Freestanding Antique Mirrors

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