Automotive Glass

Automotive windows are usually made from laminated glass and tempered glass. The automotive glass for windshields is a laminated glass, while the one used for the sidelites and backlites is a tempered glass. GlaasikTM Automotive Laminated Glass provides safety and has crime prevention properties, consisting of a film laminated between two pieces of glass, which reduces scattering of fragments in the event of breakage, and makes it hard to penetrate. As it consists of two layers of glass laminated together by a film, in the event of breakage, the glass pieces tend to adhere to the interlayer. In the event of an accident or a stone or other object striking the glass, the likelihood of penetration into the vehicle cabin is lower. GlaasikTM Automotive Tempered Glass is produced by heating glass to near melting point (approx. 650℃) and rapidly cooling the surface uniformly with air giving it an enhanced strength. This process gives the glass the characteristic of fracturing instantly if broken. In the event of any breakage, the fragments are granular. This tempered glass provides safety and is used mainly for the rear and side windows of vehicles.

Benefits of GlaasikTM Automotive Glass

  • Assurance of Clear Visibility
  • Outstanding Impact / Penetration Resistance
  • Non-Scattering Broken Pieces
  • Anti-Theft Function
  • Glass Bending & Forming Technology

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