Decorative Mirrors

Design-N-Glass Inc. is reckoned as leading makers of designer glass mirrors that are known for excellent finish and resistance against abrasion. These hi-finish decorative mirrors are made using best quality glass and are offered in various designs and colors to our clients. We have a stunning range of mirrors for bathroom, bedroom, lounge or hallway, at unbeatable prices. Our mirror assortment comprises of decorative mirrors in a variety of frame materials including glass, silver, copper, bronze, mahogany, pearl, shells and wrought iron. From beveled edges and unique shapes to imaginative patterned overlays, GlaasikTM decorative mirrors can add a touch of elegance to any space in your home, office or place of business. Many designer and decorative mirrors are more work-of-art than functional mirrors. But when strategically placed, these mirrors add extra light to a room, and even create the illusion of larger open space. We measure, deliver and fit your cut-to-size mirror. We also provide several processes that can be applied to the glass giving you your desired finish. Transform your home or business with GlaasikTM mirrors, precisely cut to the exact measurement to create that snug fitted finish.


  • Floral Mirrors
  • Animal Themed Mirrors
  • Mosaic Mirrors
  • Reverse Painted Glass Mirrors

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