Fabric Laminated Glass

Design-N-Glass Inc. offers an industry-leading selection of laminated glass solutions. The advanced laminated glass technology that we use to laminate the glass increases safety, reduces noise, helps save energy, adds privacy, protects property, or even expands design and engineering options. GlaasikTM Fabric Laminated Glass gives you the freedom to turn the medium of glass from transparent to sensually arresting. Fabric laminating gives you the opportunity to encapsulate a rich selection of fabrics within protective glass layers. Using regular woven cloth, delicately constructed textiles or printed fabrics combine the beauty, colour & texture of the fabric with the structural strength & practicality of glass. Different fabrics used allow different levels of light transmission and vision control. Since the fabrics and mesh are encapsulated inside the laminated glass, the glass can be handled and installed in the same way as standard laminated glass. We can produce large structural glass panels depending on the fabric.


  • Partitions
  • Screens
  • Doors
  • Furniture
  • Wall Cladding – combination of fabrics with back-painted glass or mirrored glass

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