Glass Pillars

Glass Pillars are pillars of solid glass, when combined with creative lighting gives an ethereal look and enhances any ambience. Mostly found to be used as open partition between drawing room and dining room as well as in railings. GlaasikTM glass pillars are available in variety of designs and shapes, such as round, square, rectangular, hexagon and spiral shapes . We make the pillars in varying thickness and lengths, which are easy to cut and are fabricated on site with much ease. The magnificent colours in which these glass pillars are produced, provide wonderful lighting effects in any interior space. Our product is both cost-effective and easy to maintain , which makes it a choice of many clients.


  • Porch columns
  • Roman column
  • Decorative pillars
  • Wall partitions
  • Staircase handrail
  • Staircase balustrade

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