Glass Furniture

Design-N-Glass Inc. has always welcomed customers who appreciate the choice of sumptuous glass furniture we have to offer. Our glass furniture items are truly unique and incredibly well crafted, which will surely give them something spectacular. We also understand that one size does not fit all and therefore many of the items are available in bespoke furniture sizes. To formulate something special for them – a design which suits the style and shape of their particular apartment – we work through the design process with them ensuring that the finished furniture item is functional, practical as well as elegant. Our streamlined design & manufacturing process allows us to produce stunning custom-made glass furniture within weeks, whether it is a bespoke lavish centre table or a classy dinning table. With the sophisticated use of glass in furniture, we bring forth an exquisite and appealing range of classical and contemporary furniture, blended with touch of class. All the products blend in beautifully with the other contemporary furnishings. Reflecting light and colour, our specially designed glass for furniture throws up a choice of various colours, textures and patterns, providing a perfect ambience. Combining our experience and design capabilities, we bring forth GlaasikTM glass furniture that not only triumphs the customers expectations, but also exceeds those.


  • Made-to-Measure glass furniture
  • Attention to detail
  • Unique design creation


  • Consoles
  • Centre Tables
  • Dining Tables

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