Lacquered Glass

GlaasikTM Lacquered glass, colored and opaque in appearance, is produced by depositing and then baking a coating of lacquer to one side of the glass. Lacquer is a solution of film-forming materials, natural or synthetic, usually applied as an ornamental or protective coating. The electrostatic lacquering of conductive materials such as metals, is done by applying the powder lacquer particles and bringing them in direct contact with high-voltage electrodes. For the electrostatic lacquering of non-conductive surfaces such as glass, a layer of a conductive organic polymer from the class of the polypyrroles, polyanilines or polythiophenes is applied to the surface and this layer is then electrostatically lacquered. Lacquered glass has wide interior applications including damp and humid rooms (kitchens and bathrooms).It is ideal for use on wardrobe and cupboard doors.

Enriched with vast industrial experience, Design-N-Glass Inc. offers an array of high quality clear or frosted – processed lacquer glass, which are highly durable and humidity resistant. These are available in wide ranges of captivating colors. We also customize them in different dimensions and sizes that are easy to maintain.


  • Lacquer applied on one side of glass enhances durability of glass.
  • It has resistance to humidity making it ideal for use in high humidity rooms such as, kitchens and bathrooms.
  • A better replacement to use of glass paints.

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