Security Glass

Design-N-Glass Inc. offers a range of glass that provides total safety and security. Enhanced security glass helps protect against break-in attempts or vandalism by delaying or even preventing penetration through the glass in the event of forced break-in or any other form of deliberate attack. GlaasikTM Security Glass is a laminated glass comprising of one or more pieces of glass held together by several clear, plastic films. If the glass is broken, the glazing remains in place as the fragments of glass adhere to the plastic films. In the event of attempted break-in this will prevent or slow down the entry. For buildings or vehicles exposed to extra risk, GlaasikTM security glass can be designed for bullet- and blast-resistance, without compromising on the design criteria of natural light and visibility. We offer a wide range of sophisticated products that meet the ever-increasing demands, and provide protection against vandalism, shooting, unauthorized entry, burglary, explosions, water pressure, electromagnetic rays, x-rays, fire, noise and UV radiation.

Anti-burglary functionality protects your home and possessions from intruders

  • Gain peace of mind from the added security of your windows
  • You remain safe and secure around glazed areas
  • Hinder or even prevent entry by potential burglars

Enhanced security glass can be combined with other glass functions for additional comfort: thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, low-maintenance and decorative glass

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