Soundproof Glass

Soundproof glass prevents sound from penetrating from one side to the other. Mainly used at places in noisy environments, such as airports or busy roads, these type of glass are made in specific thickness to tolerate a certain degree of vibration. While these may do a good job of reducing the noise levels, or even preventing the sound from getting through, they may not be practically 100% soundproof. Design-N-Glass Inc. provides a very reliable option by laminating or insulating the glass with some other material. GlaasikTM Soundproof Glass has a thin piece of plastic between two panes of glass, which cuts down significantly on the amount of sound that gets through. The added benefit of this sort of lamination is that this glass becomes extremely difficult to break. Using this method of soundproofing also helps keep the thickness of the glass to a more reasonable level.


  • Sound studio for recordings
  • Windows / Doors of residences and offices near noisy environment

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