Stained Glass

The world has been producing stained glass windows and doors for more than 400 years. Stained glass is an art form that paints with light. The stained glass can help create warmth elegance, thoughtfulness, mystery, happiness, or simply add design continuity and quality to a building, a room or a piece of furniture. Design-N-Glass Inc. is the stained glass specialist with long experience in design and delivery of lead joined stained glass panels to both the residential as well as commercial sector. GlaasikTM brings perfection in the art of stained glass applications. The traditional stained glass process involves the use of dark leads, hidden solder joints, precise soldering temperatures, a unique polishing process, and a combination of computer enhanced designing and free-hand designing. The results of the above can be clearly seen in every piece of stained glass we produce.

It requires a great artistic skill to conceive an appropriate and workable design, and the engineering skills to assemble the pieces. Whether it is the design proportions, the color choices, the matching up of the horizontal and vertical lines, or the mismatch of the colors used for leading and joints, our stained glass artisans utilize Photoshop and CAD technologies to double check their work before manufacture. Each design is reviewed multiple times before it is finalized (including a final client review). We assure our clients that they will receive the products in flawless precision and quality, which will not be seen anywhere in the domestic market. Enjoy and appreciate the timeless beauty of stained glass that adds elegance to their space.

We custom design stained glass for our customers to fit any theme, size or shaped door, window, or even ceiling. We give them all the possibilities in creating their custom windows and doors. Front door windows, side-lites, bathroom windows, bedrooms, stairways, dining rooms, cabinets hutches, entertainment centers, awnings spaces about doorways and room dividers are just some of the many areas where stained glass is the most feasible and economical choice of the customers. We also do restoration work on existing panels, and repair small panel breakages depending on the customers need.


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