Venetian Mirrors

Venetian mirrors are a special type of mirrors that originated during 16th century in the city of Venice. The craftsmen and artisans of the city, known for the glass making expertise, used special techniques to manufacture glass mirrors which became famous as ‘Venetian mirrors’. These finely crafted mirrors are not only elegant but expensive as well. GlaasikTM Venetian mirrors of various designs and dimensions are available in the market. These reflect the charm and style of an era gone by. They are a perfect fit to suit any distinct requirement. Venetian mirrors by Design-N-Glass Inc. can elegantly adorn the walls in living room, bed room, powder rooms as well as lobbies, halls and porticos. The most common types are the etched glass and the blown glass pieces. The mirrors are hand etched, cut, beveled and polished to create stunning filigrees and borders on the piece. Sometimes the mirrors can be quite elaborate incorporating colors and attachments of etched and beveled glass.


  • Venetian Large Mirrors
  • Venetian Colour Mirrors

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